Friday 19th April 2013

by mwfblog

The first signs of spring are revealing themselves, even when the temperature isn’t convincing us that the season has changed. The beach plum blossoms are in full bloom, promising a healthy crop of the berries later in the season, and I’ve had the surprise spotting of some beautiful and delicate lady slippers. Jeff is starting to think about where the best fishing spots will be and I’m  wondering what new recipe we’ll try with our freshly caught bluefish or bass. Ahhh summertime.  So much to look forward to.

lady slippers


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3 Responses to “The First Signs of Spring”

  1. Ron Allen says:

    A marvelous read. How did she do it? I know Melinda and she is very creative, but how did she do it? I turned to page 16 and a handful of sand fell out of the book onto my lap. Then on page 55 the taste of seafood chowder tantalized my taste buds. Was that the sound of quahogs scraping on the basket? Page 109, I do smell my favorite late summer scallops a’cooken. How did she do it? It can’t be, is that a white deposit on my hat bill from a cormorant or a sea gull?

    I think I will add her blueberry bread as one of the major food groups!

    Brad Woodger’s (B.W.) descriptions of everything Chappy sand…fish….birds…and ferry boats compel me to search google for a cottage next to hers.

    The best photo: the cat boat heal’en over, starboard tack, sailing out of the gut taken by Melinda from the beach!

  2. Gorgeous images Melinda – would love to know what body and lens you used for the Lady Slippers image.

    • melinda fager says:

      Thanks John. I hadn’t seen these flowers since I was a kid. I used a Canon Mark II, with a 24-70 mm lens.

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