I wrote this book because I wanted to share my family’s summertime life on the Vineyard with you. Our summers on Chappaquiddick are a time to slow down and get back to basics. They are also a time to create new traditions and recipes! Now I’d like to expand on that with this blog. I hope you’ll share some of your family’s favorite recipes, photos of your great-grandmother who made that unforgettable cake, and stories of your daily encounters with fish, family and friends by posting them here.

Please join in!

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One Response to “Hello and Welcome to My Living Off the Sea Blog”

  1. nell says:

    Melinda, your book, which I’m in the process of devouring made your tiny island 100 times the size it is – each recipe equals a square mile ! Each photograph leading into a new dish heightened my appetite ! Cannot get enough ! thank you…..

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