17 Sep 2015

The dictionary defines glorious as resplendent beauty or magnificence. 

I’d say this evening on Chappaquiddick defined it even better.

1. IMG_8505

2. IMG_8605


3. IMG_8511

4. IMG_8593


5. IMG_8586

8. IMG_8615


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19 Aug 2013

Our son Jack picked up this terrific word when he lived in New Orleans. It’s a Cajun word which means a little extra, something thrown in for good measure. Mark Twain wrote about the word in Life on the Mississippi, “a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get.”

Wednesdays are CSA days at Slip Away Farm. Their Community Supported Agriculture shares filled up before the first seedlings were planted. If you are a member  you can stop by each Wednesday to pick from the week’s bounty, or they’ll deliver, by bike. I couldn’t resist taking a few more photos. Enjoy the lagniappe.



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